About – Evryman

We Are a Benefit Corporation
that Brings Men Together

We help men connect and help each other to lead more successful, fulfilling lives. We aim to support one million men over the next five years.

As a B Corp, we invest profits directly into operational costs, programming, and the technology required to inspire and improve the lives of men, their communities, and humanity at large.

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December 2016: our first group

In late December, 2016, twenty five men gathered in western Massachusetts. We came together not to celebrate one leader’s brilliance, or to prescribe a certain way of being a man. Instead, we sought to unlock the collective wisdom of every man that participated.

Through a simple set of practices, we shared openly, challenged one another, and took each other to places we had never been before. We got real. It felt wild and transformative-- like something we had to share with the world.

A Vision for EVRYMAN

Create a culture of connection that can be shared and implemented in any setting, institution, or relationship

Utilize simple emotional practices to help men develop new ways of interacting that lead to greater success, meaning, and fulfillment

Destigmatize men’s vulnerability and emotionality across our culture

Help virtually anyone – regardless of training – start and run their own men’s groups

What Journalists Say About Us

EVRYMAN’s success with men comes from its model of using men’s innate way of processing emotions and connecting.

Could This Weekend Retreat Cure Male Angst?

Encouraging guys to get raw and vulnerable with their emotions, [EVRYMAN is giving] men a space to blow off some steam and ditch the macho pride our culture has, historically, told males to shoulder.

GQ Australia (Staff)

These Men Are Waiting to Share Some Feelings With You

There is something undeniably powerful about a group of people, let alone men, sitting and listening intently — cross-talk, interrupting and giving advice are highly discouraged — without distraction or interruption.

NYTimes (Hannah Seligson)

There are conferences, and there are experiences that change your life.

EVRYMAN's Open Source Retreat [...] helped me experience significant personal breakthroughs. These mens-only retreats give participants a safe environment to learn how to use their emotions to access the personal shadows they hide away behind the mask of masculinity.

Inc. (Andrew Thomas)

Inside the Retreat Where Men Purge Toxic Emotions

Over the past few days, I’ve learned some things about these guys that their closest friends and family members are not aware of. I know what scares them. I know what excites them. I know what keeps them up at night and what keeps them going the next day. They know me better than some of my best friends. I trust them all implicitly. We’ve been together for less than a week.

Men's Health (Nate Green)

Since Early 2017, We Have Grown Rapidly Across the Globe

We’ve launched weekly Evryman groups, run retreats, expeditions, and launched our Veteran Integration Initiative (assimilating civilians and veterans). But we’re just getting started.

Owen Marcus


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Diversity & Inclusion

John O'Connor

Coaching & Facilitation

Here's How To Get Involved

Since we hit GO with EVRYMAN, we've received a wild amount of positive feedback, support, and attention. Countless emails come in daily saying one of 2 things:

  • How can I get involved and participate?
  • How can I support you?

Click the link below to learn more about the ways you can support this movement.

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