Accelerate your growth and bring your best work to life in the world

We base all Evryman practices in somatic awareness, emotional awareness, and expression. We teach these skills in our groups and at our events, but they also form a powerful basis for 1-on-1 transformational coaching. This coaching is for men who are ready for serious change.

Dan & Owen
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Unlock all of you.

Something remarkable happens when another man guides you to dive into and through your struggles. EVRYMAN coaches have 75+ years experience doing just that.

Our unique approach will help you:

  • Gain striking clarity on what you truly feel and want
  • Consistently dump your emotional baggage
  • Learn powerful and practical tools to use resolve daily stress and setbacks
  • Express yourself freely
  • Create deeper relationships with anyone you desire
  • Be held accountable to your goals
  • Deeply trust your own internal guidance
  • Naturally step up and support the people in your life
  • Develop the courage and skill to initiate and lead hard conversations

Accountability. Integrity. Compassion.

Most men pretend they have the answers. Find out what’s real for you.

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It’s hard to imagine what it feels like to walk away from what’s been holding you back until you do it.



Challenge yourself to truly leave your emotional baggage in woods – once and for all.



What tobe a leader of men? The buck stops with you. Now show the next guy how.