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Groups are the core of EVRYMAN.

When men step into a group, something happens—they leave their social self at the door. For some men, it’s years since their real self had a space to show up.

Our Drop In Groups (DIGs) are a little setup, then a group with a few men. You could be sitting with men from several continents sharing parts of themselves they haven’t shared in years.

We all go into our first group, not knowing what to expect, often believing the worse.

Men report back after being in a 30-minute group that it became immediately safe than fun. We have men who never met from around the world wanting to exchange contact info to keep the connection going.

There are three simple rules we follow for the DIGs:

  • Confidentiality – what is said on the call stays on the call
  • Optin – you choose at what level you participate
  • Experience – we focus on what you feel in your body and with your emotions

If you are willing to play by the rules, we would love to have you join us.

DIG Leaders

You DIG leaders are men trained and experience in EVRYMAN work. The core of our training, as it should be, is sitting in a regular group. You sit with the same men each week to create a powerful group, you grow and learn in ways not possible any other place.

These men bring more than their wisdom; they bring their love of supporting other men getting what they received.