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What are your areas of passion and mastery in assisting men?

Emotional Capacity / Resiliency / Flexibility, Purpose & Fulfillment, Entrepreneurship / Startups, Growing Companies, Habit Formation / Productivity / Goals, Leadership / Professional Development, Professional, Career

What about you make you successful in these areas?

I help men take personal responsibility — the prerequisite for meaningful success. The ability to inspire a willingness and commitment of my clients to show up consistently for themselves — even when they don’t want to, even when they are uncertain and confused or the path forward is unclear — makes me truly successful. Because the men that can see their excuses and stories as the real enemy lead truly exciting, extraordinary lives.

What is one unusual thing that made you the man you are today?

What is one unusual thing that made you the man you are today?
I stepped into a different relationship with the past. I used to block out or feel “dinged” by the bad or difficult parts of my life, and sometimes consider the good, but mainly focused on right now and tomorrow. I denied most of my journey, authenticity and power along with it. Now I am seeing the profound significance and relevance of all of my experiences — peaks, lows, and everything in between — as essential to my growth, development, and ultimately, my happiness.