November 13 – 15, 2020

WEST COAST MELT - November 2020

EarthRise Retreat Center
Petaluma, CA

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Dive Deeper. Learn to Lead.

Already an EVRYMAN alumni or coach/therapist who’s ready to take your practice deeper? 

Join our Men’s Emotional Leadership Training (MELT). This weekend is specifically for those who want to dive deeper into working with men in small groups or one-on-one utilizing our R-O-C formula.

Theory and Practice

A MELT Retreat will take you deeper into the theory of the EVRYMAN methodology and give you time to practice what we preach… with 40 other men. We’ll use time with the full group to teach and demonstrate the skills that make up EVRYMAN then we’ll give you the chance to practice in your own small groups.

We use simple communication protocols to relax, open up, connect with each other and reach deeply within ourselves.

What participants say...

“Evryman showed me the power of the connection all men share, and how we can support each other for whatever our current stage of growth needs.”

Build Your Community

Guys walk away from our MELT trainings with a lot more than new skills, they walk away with a community of men who are there to support them and hold them accountable.

We believe that closeness comes from the amount of time that we’ve spent together multiplied by vulnerability. All our retreats create deep bonds that create life-long friendships and potential members for EVRYMAN small groups. 

“Over the past few days, I’ve learned some things about these guys that their closest friends and family members are not aware of.

I know what scares them. I know what excites them. 
I know what keeps them up at night and what keeps them going the next day. They know me better than some of my best friends. 
I trust them all implicitly.”

Is MELT right for you?

We’ve engineered MELT to be a portal for guys who want to lead other men to step through. It’s meant for EVRYMAN alumni or for existing coaches, therapists, or psychologists that are already working with men one-on-one and want to broaden their skill set.

Our approach comes from our co-founder Owen Marcus who has spent his life working to heal people through various modalities. We believe the body and the emotions to be the most important indicator of what is true for us in any given moment. Utilizing our bodies innate wisdom, we listen to it, and allow current and past emotions to pass through us relieving our trauma and generating new perspectives. 

If that sounds interesting, then MELT is right for you. 


Learn the skills to lead men to more fulfilling, successful lives by discovering and strengthening the full range of their emotions.

EarthRise Retreat Center

101 San Antonio Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952

Retreat Leadership

Owen Marcus

Dan Doty

Dan Doty

Lead men into the fullness of who they are with the courage and expertise of your own emotional literacy, dexterity, and resiliency.

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