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EVRYMAN Fundamentals Group Coaching

You’ve learned the EVRYMAN Method now It’s time to PRACTICE. Real growth and lasting change happens when we take action. EVRYMAN Fundamentals Group Coaching is your chance to train with a group of men committed to their growth. Group Coaching brings together 12 men for Six Weeks of guided coaching with EVRYMAN co-founders Owen Marcus or Dan Doty. 

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Each group is led by Dan or Owen who have over 35 collective years of leading men’s groups and teaching other men to lead groups.

In the six weeks of Fundamentals, you developed your relationship muscles, and learned how to slow down and connect to your own experience. You experienced how those simple behaviors shifted your relationships. You now have the tools to deepen any relationship.

It’s now time to take ACTION. For those who are ready — Fundamentals Group Coaching, is a six-week group coaching program that brings together 12 men who are committed to mastering and applying the skills you have learned. You will strengthen your relationship muscles with guidance and coaching from Dan or Owen and receive the support of your group. 

This program provides you the opportunity to dive deep into the change you’re committed to and receive the collective support and wisdom of the group guided by Dan & Owen.  get to bring what you are working on to the group. When one man works, many benefit. 

We take you deeper into underlying causes to help you create your own solutions. Fundamentals Group Coaching is not about prescribing solutions. Nor is it about brainstorming solutions. It’s about co-creating a path for you to discover your own solutions. You will discover how to use your experience to guide you to new outcomes.

Fundamentals Group Coaching Gives You

  • An arena to practice, learn and grow
  • Focused coaching on relationship issues
  • Application and accountability
  • Meaningful connections and lasting change

Starts Tuesday, March 31 at 6:00 PM PST (same time as the Fundamentals Program)


one-time payment

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, don’t hesitate to email us. We’re happy to help: help@evryman.com.

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