This document is created with the intention that it will evolve and change in order to best serve your group as a whole. Every group needs to amend and own them to create what is ideal for you. 

These agreements form the safety and stability of the group. Every member of your group is responsible for upholding them at all times. This is the backstop for your group, this is the structure a powerful group is built on. With the consent of the group you can amend, add to, or edit these agreements, but regardless they are your foundation.

Agreements: Each man reads and verbally says he agrees to these while in the group setting.

  • I am responsible for creating an environment of safety and respect for every man in the group.
  • I will keep everything discussed or revealed in the group completely confidential.
  • I agree to not ask anyone in the group to keep secrets from the group. If I engage in private conversation about a member of the group who is not present for the conversation, I agree to reveal and share what has been said about that person as soon as possible.
  • I agree that our time together is not counseling or therapy. If I am engaged in therapy or counseling I am encouraged to disclose it to the group. If I am engaged in therapy I am encouraged to speak about the group with my therapist or counselor.
  • I will not be violent.
  • If there is any reason to believe that I may be of harm to myself or others, I am required to share this with the group.
  • I agree that participation / being a member of a group is public information.
  • I take care of myself physically and mentally so I can be fully present with the group.
  • I will honor myself and my group by not coming to group under the influence of any mood altering recreational substance, including drugs and alcohol.
  • I agree to do regular work outside of the group, challenging myself and my brothers to push themselves outside of the group and be accountable.
  • I agree to attend this group for an initial month of four meetings.
  • I agree to be on time.
  • I will include all the men in the conversation.
  • I will not dominate.
  • If I need to miss a meeting, protocol is to call at least two members of the group until I speak to one man at least. If no one answers after calling two men, a message may be left.
  • I agree to keep the meeting space in better shape than I found it.
  • If I decide to leave the group, I agree to show up at a meeting and state my needs and what’s not working out of respect for everyone.

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v3 Updated Feb 6, 2019