Group Coaching


Unlock all of you.

What do you really want in your life?
What’s standing in the way of you having that right now?
Fear, numbness, isolation, negative habits or do you just lack the skills to make the change?

These are the walls that keep us stuck. Separate. We’re stuck on empty instead of having what we really want. These are the walls we’ll be taking down together.

Are you ready to break down your wall?

This program is for men ready to do it differently–men who want to live life with an electric connection to who they truly are.

Let’s create what we truly want in this world.

Join EVRYMAN Co-Founder Dan Doty and Master Coach and EVRYMAN Facilitator John O’Connor for this 8 week journey!

This 8-week experience is for men who are ready for their walls to come down. As you plug in to yourself and the other men in this course, the walls between what you want and those who want to support you will crumble. 

You will:

  • Experience a more clear, more honest, and more real connection with yourself than ever before.
  • Learn tools and practices so you can stabilize and live from this clarity, rawness, and connection.
  • Enjoy true connection with other men, and learn how we can hold each other accountable.
  • This might be how we all feel….

We have designed this program to be rigorous but to fit easily into your busy life–ours our plenty busy too. We are not here to teach “at you”, we are here to open the door to new experiences together. This will push you to your edge, and it will be a blast.

  • Communication for the course will be via email but primarily through a private FaceBook group created specifically for this course.
  • Each week there will be highly suggested daily practices and challenging and supportive weekly assignments designed to meet you where you are and push you onward.
  • All participants will be placed in a triad (group of 3). Each week you will check in with your triad in addition to the group call. On the weeks without a group call, there will be a larger triad challenge.
  • Weekly resources, assignments and other helpful items will be shared via a simple Google folder.
  • There will be ample opportunity to participate and interact online through our private group.
  • Calls are at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST. 60 min.
  • Calls will be recorded and hosted inside weekly folder on Google Drive, and posted in FB group.
  • The Program Cost is $450 paid upfront or 2 payments of $225
  • Tools and practices to get in your body.
  • Powerful and simple emotional awareness practice.
  • An understanding of how to immediately and deeply connect with others, this can deepen and strengthen any and all relationships in your life.
  • There will be 6 live video calls with Dan Doty and John O’Connor, each 60 minutes in length.
  • Calls will be Tuesday nights at 5 PST / 8 EST. Calls will be recorded and shared.
  • Program begins Tuesday, February 26th
    • Week 1 Call: Tues / Feb 26
    • Week 2 Call: Tues / Mar 5th
    • Week 3 NO CALL–TRIAD WEEK: Tues / Mar 12
    • Week 4 Call: Tues / Mar 19
    • Week 5 Call: Tues / Mar 26
    • Week 6 NO CALL–TRIAD WEEK: Tues / Apr 2nd
    • Week 7 Call: Tues / Apr 9
    • Week 8 Call: Tues / Apr 16

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