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Our society doesn’t offer men strong models or tools to exercise our emotions — we can endlessly improve our bodies and minds, but we tend to neglect this deep human part of us.

What is an EVRYMAN Group?​

EVRYMAN groups gather weekly to slow down, get in touch with what we’re feeling, and express it. This helps men wake up a deeply buried emotional self they rarely have access to.

Many men say groups are the best part of their week. You’ll leave sessions feeling lighter, stronger, and with a resounding sense of freedom.


Groups Create Change

Here’s what guys tell us they get out of being in a group:

  • Life-long friendships
  • Accountability to goals and dreams
  • Learning to connect deeply with anyone in your life (romantic, familial, peer, professional)
  • Breaking down the belief that you’re the only one
  • Practice giving and receiving potent feedback
  • Air your dirty laundry, and never be judged for it.


I've found a brotherhood deeper than any of my sports teams as a two-sport D-1 athlete. I've found renewed trust in men and women and in myself. I am more because of EVRYMAN.
28, San Diego, California
Our group went from strangers to life companions in a matter of months, and now I couldn’t imagine my life without them.
37, Brooklyn, New York
For me, this time is invaluable - I’m more confident in all aspects of my life as a result, and I love that I get to share all this with 10 very close friends. I wish every guy in the world knew how something so simple could be such a life-changer.
42, Los Angeles, California

The fastest way to leading a more connected, fulfilled, and successful life.

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Learn what EVRYMAN means to the men who take part. 


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