We connect men more deeply to their loved ones, their life’s work, and themselves. The results are bigger than you could imagine.

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Find Out Who You Really Are

Strength isn’t about keeping a tight lid on things. Strength means allowing yourself to fully face the things that scare you most — and passing through them. It’s just easier in nature, with trusted men at your back.  Our expeditions will challenge you to practice growing through your limitations — past your fears, blockages, and into feeling free and more alive.


Nervous? Great!

To really open up can be scary, but those who do leave feeling 50 pounds of emotional baggage lighter. And with a life-long cohort of trusted friends.

  • On retreats, you will:
  • Spend 8 days in gorgeous backcountry of Yellowstone National Park
  • Spend 2 nights at a lodge to prep
  • Backpack for roughly forty miles while camping
  • Opportunity to scale a major peak
  • Morning meditation, group yoga, and daily group work to support each man on their journey


The expedition faced me with the hardest mental and physical challenge of my life, and uncovered the power I've hidden from myself for over 6 years, which has uncovered my life's work and my life's success.
30, San diago CAL
It took mere days to make deep, life-long connections. If you are transitioning out of the military, or if you’re not sure what you're looking for, I believe Evryman has something important to offer you.
33, Salt Lake City, Utah
Evryman showed me the power of the connection all men share, and how we can support each other for whatever our current stage of growth needs.
37, cincinnati ohio