Dan Doty

Dan Doty is a husband, father, writer, filmmaker, coach, host of the Evryman Podcast, and founder of Evryman. He spent many years leading groups of struggling young men through the wilderness and later had a successful career as a director and producer of wilderness-based television and film. His mission is to help boys and men be themselves all the way through and to experience the full spectrum of experience that life has to offer. Dan lives in Montana with his wife, son, and a pack of animals. 

Lucas Krump

Lucas Krump is a son, brother, friend, explorer and co-founder of Evryman. Born and raised in Kansas, “midwest values” and Jesuit education define his character. After college he spent 10 years living abroad, where he began his career as a successful technology executive and entrepreneur. He has led several high performing global teams, and now at Evryman he is combining his hustle with his purpose to build a community that helps men be the best version of themselves. Currently, he resides in New York City and escapes to nature at every opportunity.

Sascha Lewis

Sascha Lewis is the CEO and co-founder of Flavorpill Media and the co-founder of Evryman. Sascha has been included in Silicon Alley’s Top 100 list by Business Insider and sits on the board of The Lineage Project, a nonprofit that brings mindfulness practices to vulnerable youth. Fun fact: Sascha is a former Knicks ball boy. 

Owen Marcus

Owen Marcus dove into men’s work in 1995 because he wanted more from life. In 2005, he wanted more from men’s work, so he began developing what became Evryman’s unique approach. Owen is an author, blogger, speaker, coach and trainer for men’s leadership. He lives in the forest of North Idaho traveling to teach men and couples what they should have been taught. He only discovered the Evryman approach  because he couldn’t do what he was taught — being dyslexic has its advantages. 


Aaron Blaine

Aaron is a father, husband, outdoorsman and Special Forces Veteran. After nearly fifteen years of service he moved to Montana. He co-leads men’s retreats and expeditions alongside CEO and founder Dan Doty. The combination of military service, love for the wilderness and personal healing has prepared him for this work. He led men in combat. Now he leads them into the wilderness for connection and purpose.

Ebenezer Bond

Ebenezer Bond is a pioneer in experiential and transformational marketing. As the founder and former CEO of the creative marketing agency, Invisible North, he spent over a decade working with some of worlds biggest and most innovative brands. He brings this expertise in marketing strategy and cultural movement building to Evryman.

Andrew Kippen

Equally at home at a White House dinner or a Burning Man rave, I have spent the last 7 years helping technology companies of all sizes grow. Now I’m working to bring advanced therapeutic techniques into the workplace to help people of all ages better understand how their brains work, and how to live the life they want.

Dan MacCombie

I’m a social entrepreneur with ground-level experience in urban and international development, conservation, consumer products, strategy, and entrepreneurial finance/fundraising. Particular interest in innovative mechanisms for community building, value chains, and market-disruptive consumer products. I also speak publicly and write about my experiences and learnings, and have trained and work as a coach and facilitator, particularly focusing on entrepreneurs building their own leadership practices and inclusive team culture, as well as men seeking a stronger relation to their emotions, inner lives, and community.