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We partner with therapists, coaches and mental wellness professionals to provide training and resources that support their clients.

You care about the men who consult you, and want them to thrive as individuals. Yet men’s resistance to emotional exploration and their propensity to disconnect from their feelings can present a challenge. In addition, some men approach the therapeutic encounter with a transactional mindset, demanding that therapists prove themselves and come up with ready-made solutions.

The EVRYMAN Method is the distillation of 30+ years working with thousands of men.

We offer a unique perspective on what men need and provide tools and resources to support the therapeutic process.

Men come to see therapy as a sign of strength, rather than a mark of personal failure.

Men re-program their relationship to vulnerability, experiencing it as leadership rather than weakness.

Men learn to transform problems into opportunities for growth.

Men come to own their part in relational difficulties, rather than blaming the other person.

Men come to appreciate the emotional complexity of being a man.

Men discover how to move through trauma and its effects.

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Our programs help men address:

The importance of emotional safety for men, and how to create it

Utilizing somatic awareness

Emotional literacy

Assertive vulnerability

Men as emotional leaders in relationships

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Practitioner Testimonials

Sitting in an Evryman group changed my life and the way that I interact with others, particularly with my clients. Having a solid group to explore my own emotions in, and practice the skills of masculine emotional intelligence, has helped me to feel much less stressed out and centered in my professional and personal life. Evryman meets men where they are and offers supportive challenge in ways that feels safe, exciting, and achievable. The Evryman approach combines some of the best aspects of Somatic Experiencing, Emotionally Focused Therapy, EMDR, mindfulness, narrative therapy and other approaches to create a truly unique, effective, and exciting approach to health and wellness. Although designed specifically for men, training in the modalities and theories of the Evryman approach can help clinicians and others, of all genders, to connect both deeply and quickly with others in more meaningful and positive therapeutic ways. I would highly recommend Evryman trainings and groups to anyone who is seeking to up their interpersonal game, both in session and out.

— Joshua A. Barnes, J.D., M.S.W.

Participating in a Men's Group for the last 2 years has been one of the biggest benefits to me professionally in my private counseling practice, as well as in my marriage, and in my personal self-care. This work has helped me connect on a deeper level with men, and often in way less time. My male clients get to feeling more secure in the therapeutic counseling process quicker, and I am able to share my personal experiences to inspire hope and examples to further my client's growth. I feel more confident to effectively challenge old patterns that have not worked well for so many men, but to which so many men have become stuck. I highly recommend this training for practitioners (male or female) who wish to assist their male clients to do healing or grow personally on a deeper level.

— Eric Ridgway, M.S., M.Ed, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

I can’t say enough about the impact Evryman had on me as a therapist, and on my clients, as men, and as couples. I witnessed such a shift in the men in my practice after their experience with Evryman as they became more accessible and able to open up. Through the lens of the amazing work Evryman has been facilitating in their men group and retreats, I became a much more attuned and skillful therapist, as it helped me understand the core of some of the difficulties men have in their emotional realm.

— Dalia Anderman, LMFT

Tapping into the core human feelings as they arise in the body, and sharing those experientially with other men in small groups, proved to be meaningful work which I have taken with me into my own practice and work with others. It's a counter-intuitive modality for those of us who are intellectually or psychodynamically inclined, and I believe a growing part of healing helping work.

— Justin R. Cambria, LCSW, MBA

Clinical Outreach Manager - Turnbridge, Boston, MA

As a result of my experience in the Chicago Men’s Group, I’ve learned to embrace all the emotions I feel—positive and negative—and to express them in a constructive, non-self-judgmental way. Learning to process emotions is one of the most important skills an adult can learn, and in this respect, the Chicago Men’s Group—and Evryman—has been a revelation. I’ve even begun to use the skills that the Chicago Men’s Group has taught me with my patients—both men and women—to help them identify and express their emotions. In a society that's as emotionally constipated as ours, the skills that Evryman teaches need to be spread to every person in the country.

— Alex Lickerman, MD